We are a group of doctors and paramedical personnel specialized in the integral management of chronic musculoskeletal pain. We have the training appropriate to treat all kinds of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, especially those derived from laxity of ligaments and tendons which in turn have led to injuries at the level of the articulations, menisci, etc. The center of prolotherapy intensive and medicine regenerative is directed by the Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas Decamps, the Dr. Susana Vargas Camilo as Proloterapistas main and the Mrs. Patricia Camilo de Vargas in the management General and administration.

Our Doctors


E-mail: proloterapiard@gmail.com

“The pain is a signal of alert that something does not go well in our body and needs to be addressed”


E-mail: proloterapiard@gmail.com

“The pain is not part of us, so we don’t have to live with it”