Excellent treatment. My wife was suficiennte 2 sessions for a sore shoulder for more than 18 months. Imagine that neither could dance with her. That’s saying something in me. And for this treatment his health returned to her. Thanks to intensive Center Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine and Juan Carlos Vargas Decamps.

José Acevedo

Of mine, who gave me back my life. God continue to bless your work and your family.

Fernando Dmp

“I have been a great beneficiary of these therapies, there is no reason to have pain and stop enjoying life if we have the solution; oh and best of all is that Dr. puts it in God’s hands before you start. ” read more

Iris Ovalles de Pimentel

“Waooo, my first session was fantastic.
The pain almost totally eliminated. ” read more

Evaristo PerezPabellón de la Fama del Baloncesto Dominicano