On October 6, 2015 was presented to our Center Prolotherapy a 51-year-old physical therapist sore Left Shoulder 7 months of evolution and Diagnosis Partial tearing of the supraspinatus 8 mm partial tear of the infraspinatus of 7 mm, images shown from his MRI. The patient comes because doctors who have visited before, insist that their only way of recovery is the left shoulder surgery. The patient states that it does not want surgery and other nonsurgical options solution to your probem. On physical examination the patient shows limitation to abduction and external rotation, pain on deep palpation of lateral portion left shoulder more pain on deep palpation of upper portion explained what the Treatment Prolotherapy Standar + PRP in detail, patient states agree and sign the informed consent and verbally confirmed. We proceed to aseptic area to try and start the same day Standard Prolotherapy treatment more Platelet Rich Plasma. So far the patient has received 4 sessions of Prolotherapy Standard plus 2 sessions Platelet Rich Plasma.
The patient is 90% better in their range of motion as well as your shoulder pain.
To check its structural improvement, we proceed, at the request of the patient herself, to make a new MRI, held last March 3, 2016 (9 months after the first). The findings surprised her Radiologist, who CAN NOT FIND ANY TEAR in the tendons of the rotator cuff.

Prolotherapy God and work. God is faithful! .

Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas
Hello Dr. thanks for giving me my health will tell you that my knee is working flat out, I do not get home from work with pain, I feel very happy, thank God, the Divine Child, You and your brilliant daughter. May the Lord bless them forever, that Prolotherapy treatment that you apply is a blessing.
Angela Escolástico
I attest and witness that you and your child with the Lord’s help Heavenly Father help with pain. I arrived at his clinic crawling pain, and thanks to you I can walk well. I traveled from Las Vegas Nevada seeking relief from my sore knee and shoulder, and today I confirm that I can climb stairs, bend the knee, raise the arm, do not feel pain. My greetings and blessings to you. Thank you
Angela Escolástico

Excellent treatment. My wife was suficiennte 2 sessions for a sore shoulder for more than 18 months. Imagine that neither could dance with her. That’s saying something in me. And for this treatment his health returned to her. Thanks to intensive Center Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine and Juan Carlos Vargas Decamps.

José Acevedo

Of mine, who gave me back my life. God continue to bless your work and your family.

Fernando Dmp

Great doctor. Dedicated and human. Honest and tireless scholar of chronic pain. And above all attached to God. I recommend it with closed eyes.

Kenneth Schimensky

The truth that I witness that treatment. I was able to see Dr. Ross Hauser also when he came last year. My sessions were ankle and I’m extremely well. My orthopedist recommended it to me and was very pleased. Recommended 100%.

Maria de Lourdes

The first testimony this website could not be other than the testimony of why I will start this new phase of my life as prolotherapist and expert in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain. read more

Dr. Juan Carlos VargasEspecialista en Manejo de Dolor Crónico

“I have been a great beneficiary of these therapies, there is no reason to have pain and stop enjoying life if we have the solution; oh and best of all is that Dr. puts it in God’s hands before you start. ” read more

Iris Ovalles de Pimentel

“Waooo, my first session was fantastic.
The pain almost totally eliminated. ” read more

Evaristo PerezPabellón de la Fama del Baloncesto Dominicano