What is prolotherapy?

elbow_painProlotherapy is a type of therapy that involves a series of injections of natural substances that produces an irritativa-inflamatoria response in Ia treated area. This causes an attraction of growth factors and other substances produced by the body to heal – regenerate areas of injury and thus return AI functionality to the human body.

Is a safe method with minimum possible side effects, very useful to stimulate the mechanisms which allow regenerate and repair damaged tissues in the spine and joints, and which also allows that the patient remain active while receiving the treatment sessions.

Indications for prolotherapy:

pain chronic skeletal muscle
Herniated discs
pain in shoulders and knees
meniscus problems
laxity of ligaments and tendons
problems in Ia articular capsule
alteration in the Labrum (shoulder) and (hip)

What is the cellular prolotherapy?

  • Plasma rich platelet
  • Stem cells from bone marrow
  • Adipose derived Stem Cell


When to use Cellular Prolotherapy?

  • In severe injuries such as
    • Rubbing bone with bone injury
    • Articular cartilage injury
    • Disability
    • When it has reached a plateau with the other forms of prolotherapy.


Benefits of prolotherapy and regenerative medicine

  • Avoid surgery
  • Remove or reduce chronic pain
  • Improve the overall function
  • Increase the strength
  • Reduce the rigidity