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Welcome to the Center for Intensive Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine. Since 2014, we are the first and only Center of the Dominican Republic dedicated exclusively to the Management of Chronic Skeletal, Ligamentary, Tendinous and Articular Muscle, through Standard Integral Prolotherapy and Cellular Prolotherapy, what is now known as Regenerative Medicine. Our treatments are designed to find and correct the underlying causes of chronic pain, osteoarthritis as well as sports injuries. Our Center is focused on offering patients the hope of avoiding joint surgery, as well as managing those patients who continue with pain even after some type of procedure or therapy has been performed. Learn more about our treatments. Do not let others tell you. See it for yourself. We hope to help you!

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We Are Prolotherapy Specialists
The Center for Intensive Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine is blessed to have an incredible team of doctors who implement highly effective and individualized treatment plans for pain relief and help patients return to their sports , Their work activities and the activities of daily life, in a fast and safe way. Read more about our Center, as well as our publications and other resources.
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