Treatment for sports injuries.

Specifically, Prolotherapy causes the proliferation of fibroblasts which are the cells that are grown ligaments and tendons. The proliferation of fibroblasts, tissue strong new collagen, which is what is needed to repair ligament sprains and / or tendons and other sports injuries is formed.

If you are suffering from pain in the knee, meniscal tear, partial tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, neck pain, back pain, leg cramps, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strain, or any other sports injury, prolotherapy it can help to be back in the game, and also back quickly! Great news is while Prolotherapy sessions are received, they can continue training. We see athletes of all levels, from high school, college, amateur and even professional athletes.

We love working with all types of athletes and our goal is the same, help you be healthier, recover quickly and return to doing what you love to do!


Prolotherapy in athletes’ injuries.

The Department of Sports Medicine School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin has begun offering prolotherapy, a procedure that involves injecting small amounts of nonproliferative solution ligaments, painful tendons and joint spaces to enhance healing and relieve pain, injuries to athletes. Prolotherapy is a common treatment for ligament and tendon pain. The treatment can not reduce the pain immediately. A few days are needed for a significant decrease in pain. Successful treatment involves a gradual decrease in pain for several weeks. Results Patients: As with any treatment for pain, responses to therapy vary. The number of sessions varies from patient to paciente.Mientras that many patients can receive favorable results, there is no guarantee that the procedure is effective for everyone. Recommendations after the session: soft activity, such as walking and stretching, is recommended after a brief period of rest and immobilization after treatment, but heavy lifting and strenuous exercise is to be avoided during the first seven days to allow proper healing and strengthening. It is important to remember that even if your pain is relieved, you may re-injury with the activity if this is too aggressive. Patients using complementary treatments, such as physical therapy, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, or other forms of treatment locomotor may experience a more rapid improvement. University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority

We had 3 patients with golfer’s elbow. This is a fairly common injury among golfers, also called medial epicondylitis. It can result from recreational (or labor) activities that cause overuse or damage to the joints, poor posture, soft tissue tension due to a joint or bone incorrect or abnormally positioned. It is an injury that heals fairly quickly with the standard Prolotherapy and / or cell.

In a study conducted by the renowned Dr. Ross Hauser and published in the magazine Practical Pain Management: Prolotherapy was used in patients with unresolved elbow pain (with an average of four years and one month duration) and proceeded to interview patients 31 months after its last session Prolotherapy to know about the status of their improvement and quality of life. They reported less pain, stiffness, depression and anxiety, less use of drugs and improving range of motion, sleep, and exercise capacity. This included patients that their (s) doctor (s) had informed them that “no other treatment options” for elbow pain. More than 73% of patients reported improvement of their pain and stiffness in the elbow (since you received your last treatment prolotherapy) had continued to this day to be interviewed.