Dra. Susana Vargas Camilo

Doctor, Prolotherapist


Dr. Susana Vargas Camilo, after her thesis to opt for the title of Dr. in medicine, entitled: “Impact of prolotherapy in the management of chronic pain of musculo-skeletal type, in private practice patients seen between the months of May to September 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic”, and in which studied 27 patients with chronic pain due to various pathologies , finding a greater than 85% or total cure improvement, and by which he obtained an outstanding 98, graduated from doctor in July this 2015, with the degree of Cum Laude.

“Pain is not part of us, so we don’t have to live with it”

She left to Chicago and after a stay and an appropriate training, obtained the certification as Proloterapista Stándard, on behalf of the same Dr. Ross Hauser, in its offices of Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. From February, 2015, the Dra. Susana Vargas Camilo, is incorporated into the Center of Intensive Prolotherapy as a Medical Assistant.